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Delivering the training...

A coach assisting a trainee archer

Our beginner's course is delivered by a 'lead' Coach to a maximum group size of six trainees.

Three other coaches or senior archers are present, each directly supporting two trainee archers.

Archery is a precision sport and the shooting technique is a complex one, however with a friendly coach by the side of every trainee there has rarely been a case of anyone being 'left behind'.

Split into 2 x three hour classes a week apart with breaks for refreshments, fatigue is unlikely to rear its ugly head in our training sessions.

It's not all 'work, work, work!' - Trainees have fun moments too, with the opportunity to try different types of bows. There's a wide choice of bows out there - so why not give them a try?

Coach with archery student receiving his certificate 3.jpg
joe and student form coaching.jpg

No time for dancing, though!

The photo here is Coach Joe demonstrating to an enthusiastic trainee how the bow arm and shoulders should be positioned.

students and coaches_edited.jpg
a lead coach demonstrates to trainee archers
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