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Like To Do More Than Shoot?

Getting Involved...

The set up of the archery range on club nights, the maintenance of club equipment and the management of the club are all accomplished by volunteers.

The Chairperson, Secretary, the Treasurer, our Welfare Officer, Records Officer and Equipment Officer are all volunteers and much of their work is actually done at home - freeing up club nights for shooting!


If you have skills that can support the functioning of our club and you'd like to share some of your time and knowledge either at the club or in your time at home, let us know - we'd be delighted to hear from you. Contact our club secretary in the first instance and you'll be referred to the appropriate person.

Our Archery GB qualified coaches -

they are volunteers too!

Our coaches go through a comprehensive training program developed and delivered by Archery GB - our sport's national governing body. Other training includes a 'safeguarding & protecting children' course as well as a DBS check.

Once qualified, each of our coaches give part of their shooting time and skills for the benefit of the club and its members in particular. Respect!

Do you remember your time on your beginner's course as a trainee archer?

Those lessons may be a blurred memory by now, but if you were trained by East Durham Archers - then you were surrounded by coaches!

seb goes red.jpg

Club Captain Billy is seen here presenting 10 year old Seb with his first Award - the red feathers badge. Gold award next time Seb!


Yes, there was a 'lead' coach on your beginners course - but there were also three others, each one supporting two trainees from the six person trainee group. We find this method leaves less chance that anyone can be 'left behind' - particularly in the more complex areas such as shooting technique when learning both 'Barebow' & 'Olympic Style' recurve shooting.

Our First Aid Volunteers

Look at the league table of injuries in sports and you'll find Archery is very near the bottom, we're one of the safest sporting activities because we have registered ranges, rules of shooting and the rules are marshalled every time the range is opened. Most important is that archers enjoy the sport - complying with the rules.

But, once again in the interests of safety, our club has four volunteers that completed a course in 'Emergency First Aid in Sport' at Teesside University in 2022. We hope that we'll never need their skills but it's good to know that they are trained and they're there for us.

At the start and end of every meeting...

Indoors or outdoors, setting the range up for a club night is also a hands on effort by club members, likewise at the end of the night when our targets, stands and other equipment has to be stored away. With setup and  take-down, we have an element of expectation of club members in that these tasks are not the responsibility of any one person or group of people in particular. As far as they are able, members are expected to lend a hand with these tasks. The more people that assist, the more time is saved for shooting.

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