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Beginners' Course

Our club's mission is to keep costs as low as possible, for club members  as well as those who sign up for our beginner's course. Our fee covers the hire of quality archery equipment, access to the venue and insurance too.

All that trainees have to purchase separately from their course fee are personal protective items that will protect the fingers of the hand that draw the string ( click here & here for examples) and also an 'arm-guard' which protects the soft tissue of the forearm from accidental contact from the bowstring as it flies by after being released. This rarely happens but does so usually because of an error in technique. We used to loan this type of equipment to those on the course - Covid-19 put a stop to that.

female child enjoying archery.
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Our club started meeting again after Covid restrictions were raised in September 2021 and our first series of beginners' courses took place in February and March 2022.

Twenty two new archers received their certificate which qualified them to apply for membership of any Archery GB affiliated club in the UK.

Our second round of beginners' courses for 2022 started in August, through to September.

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We didn't advertise the courses, they were already  over-subscribed by those who had already registered their wish to take up archery.

We got in touch with our potential trainee archers in the order that they registered. The courses began and by the end of September there were twenty four more trained archers in the north east of England, many of them choosing to join East Durham Archers.

We see them every week and watch their skills develop with the assistance of our coaches.

At the time of writing (Nov 2022) our coaches are fully committed to developing the skills of our members, particularly those who have only recently finished their beginner's course.

We don't anticipate being able to deliver the next beginner's course until the second half of Q1 in 2023. 

Once we are in a position to set dates for the course we will announce it on this page.

Similarly with the course fee - we'll publish the course fee at the same time as the dates for the course and the online application form.

We've kept the same prices for the beginner's course for several years, with children under 18 (minimum 10 years old) enjoying a 50% discount on the adult fee. For East Durham Archers, it's not about the money, it's about sharing a great Olympic sport that is one of the most inclusive and we are successful in striving to make it financially accessible to our community.

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