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Our Coaching team doubles

You may have read  in our news section that E.D.A. archers Adrian and Billy were part way through their training journey with their goal being qualified coaches, licenced by Archery GB.

This training is not for lightweights! 10 online sessions over several months culminating in two full days of 'in person' training and evaluations where, if they were successful, they would be recorded as having reached the coaching standards required by Archery GB.

EDA were honoured to host these final two days of in person training and evaluation here at Dene Academy, having prepared and registered the Academy's dance studio - as an indoor archery range! Adrian and Billy were joined by eight other hopeful candidates, two from our area as well as Cumbria, Leicester, Reading. Dene The Academy's Studio turned out to be a perfect venue for archery training.

group presentations
Danny Cameron ComIH motivates new coaches

We're delighted that both of our archers reached the standards required and that the necessary documents have been sent to Archery GB that verify this achievement.

In the next three or four weeks Adrian and Billy will hear from Archery GB and from that point forward they will  be licenced coaches.

Our club's members thank them for their hard work and their decision to 'give back' to the sport and the club that they love.

From that point in time East Durham Archers will have four Archery GB qualified coaches.

Thanks also go to Dene Academy and ALP Learning for their staunch support too, our temporary archery range was returned to them in the same condition we found it and it reverted to being a dance studio once again!Our club also received solid support in bringing these two days of training to the north east from DNAA's Coaching Organiser Ian Norwood and not forgetting Danny Cameron ComIH, Coach Developer (Archery GB) and Regional Coaching Organiser for NCAS who did so much to convince Archery GB that the two day event would be well attended and lead his team in delivering both days of training & evaluation.

end of two days of in person training for new Archery GB Session Coaches
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