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About our club

Our club started back in 2006, training new archers and also welcoming trained archers that visited our club to shoot with us. Archers have moved into the area and have decided to join our club.

In fact, our present chairman attended club meetings and was shooting alongside our members as a visitor for over six months before he decided to join the club himself. Many talk about the warm atmosphere in our club nights and we'd cheerfully agree that we're a happy bunch.

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Archery is an outdoor sport but during the winter months we shoot indoors in Dene Academy's fantastic sports hall on our regular Tuesday and Wednesday club nights from 6.00pm until 8.00pm.

In the summer, we shoot outdoors (weather permitting) in the playing field on the east side of the Sports Hall where our archers can test themselves from 10m to the Olympic standard of 70m and beyond - working up to far distances gradually. Once you can reliably group arrows at one distance, only then are you ready to move to the next target.

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If you are already a trained Archer, please bring your Archery GB card along whenever you shoot with us, Visitors shoot by prior arrangement (to avoid you arriving on our monthly club scored rounds, fun shoots or other club event you're unaware of - and being unable to shoot).
Please note that all-carbon arrows are not permitted for outdoor sessions - we shoot on a field which is used for other sporting activities and need to find all missing arrows!

Visitor's shooting fees: Seniors £5 Juniors £3

Visitors shoot by prior arrangement and production of a current ArcheryGB card & Photo ID.
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